Welcome to our ADSS 'Adaptive Decision Support System', with the user interface Hydropolis on your left.

We propose different modes for your convenience:

Free mode: This means free browsing through the different tiles on the Hydropolis site, in order to have an overview and to gather some general information. The user manual can accompany your Hydropolis visit and answer some of your questions appeared during your visit.

Tutorials : The tutorial presents each component of the ADSS within max 3 ppt and gives a rather good overview about each component and its contents.

Guided mode: The guided mode may help you to enlargen your horizon on a specific project level. You enter via one of two proposed questionaires and the answers you give, will lead you to proposed solutions. The idea is to give you ideas to solve your specific problem but not to give you the perfect solution. You may use this tool as a negotiation platform within your project development.