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What's ADSS

ADSS stands for "Adaptive Decision Support System". This means that this system is intended to help and guide its users in decision-making process.

In the scope of DayWater project the ADSS is a computerised instrument, which will support decision making in USWM in order to find the best suitable measures by adapting to stakeholder's problems. The ADSS should adapt its structure, content and environment based on changes in user's demands and should play an active role in the decision making process.

There are two main parts of DayWater ADSS - Hydropolis: Free mode and Guided mode. Free mode is - in simplified form - a database of information and relevant documents, which can be help in this process. In the second part - Guided mode - is more interactive, users are directly guided through the system.

How it works

Hydropolis is a database driven web application using the typical three tier architecture. That means that most data are stored in the database (this database consists of more than hundred different tables). Scripts communicate with the database and carry out user's requests. After scripts get the asked for information from the database, they process it and send the result, in form of an html file, back to the user. Human computer interface thus facilitates access to all ADSS components.

The concrete architecture of the implementation gradually evolved during numerous meetings and discussions and therefore reflects the needs of all scientific partners involved in the project. As the individual scientific partners represent broad range of USWM experts, the prototype should be able to solve all general problems in which decision support may be required.

How to use Hydropolis

Hydropolis is, as its name suggests, an adaptive system and could be used by users of all levels.

Random visitors or users not experienced in USWM may appreciate free browsing through Libraries. That would let them learn about the field and give them the feeling what USWM is about.

More specialized users are welcome to try MCC or Tools from the Tools section. These components are user-friendly and should provide guidance in most cases.

Experts in water management who need more specialized knowledge will appreciate building their own Project on templates provided by Guided Tour.

The most specialized use of Hydropolis is the design of new project templates or update of existing templates. THis could be done by users of administrators rights and requires high knowledge of the field. In this usage user will not get guidance on solving USWM situations but based on his knowledge he will prepare suitable solution proposals for other users. Like this the knowledge base could be updated, exptented and disseminated.

It's suggested that, regardless of your experience in USWM, you start at the simple level and when required move to more advanced parts. The advantage of a web application is that you are not forced to move in one direction, from fixed start to the end, but you can easily return to a page that seemed interesting and choose a different path next time. In projects you can use iterrative attitude.

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